Music Matters

Music Matters

Classes, workshops and individual sessions for Education, Expression, Connection, and En-joyment.  Social-Emotional Learning for people of all ages.


Music Matters

Music matters because you (are) matter! It is the essence of our shared experience - Vibration. We will help you understand how energy in-motion (e-motion) serves to expand your awareness of the field that connects us all.  When we participate in creating those vibrations...MUSIC!  An experience of joy and connectedness follows.

Everything is Energy, and Energy is Everything

We offer opportunities to understand our connection to music through felt-perception. The joy, peace, and healing which are available through music will en-liven your experience and raise your vibration (lift your spirit).

  • Online Sessions (Group or Individual)

    Using an online meeting platform, you will have the opportunity to learn to sing, drum, or play, and understand the tremendous benefits of active listening. You will explore music in many styles and cultures, and you will become aware of how music effects your mental and emotional bodies.  You will gain tools to expand resilience, confidence, and self-awareness. 

  • In-Person Sessions (Group or Individual)

    Your space or ours, you or your group will be inspired, en-live-end,  and energized via drumming, singing, playing, active listening, breathwork, and movement. You will have the opportunity to create, perform, or even record your sessions. We will support you to find your voice, your rhythm, and your joy!

What We Offer

For young or old, Music Matters will support you in discovering the joy and creative expression that comes with emotional awareness through connection to music.

Drumming/Drum cirlces

Connect to your own internal rhythms and to others. Drum therapy encourages people to release inner trauma through physical movement and meditative rhythms, as well as bringing people together.

Benefits of Drum circles

∙Promotes healing and boosts immune function

∙Creates connection via shared experience

∙Enhances present moment awareness

∙Expansion of joy and raised vibration


Body awareness, Breath and Vocal training:

  • Discover and develop your unique sound

  • Learn to express, phrase and emote

  • Create special interpretations of your favourite songs or your amazing originals

  • Learn how to use a microphone properly and how to move on stage

Vocal training can be matched with other instruments and tailored to suit accompanying yourself on your specific instrument.


Online or in person instruction from beginner to advanced, Music Matters instrumental lessons will focus on the joy and expansion of playing music rather than traditional theory and methods.

Why Guitar or Ukulele?

∙ Relatively low cost to begin

∙ Easy to transport

∙Perfect to accompany vocals

∙Suitable for any style of music

∙Get playing quickly without reading music

Connection Music Therapy

Connection music therapy is designed to enhance emotional awareness in individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. To accomplish this in a connection music session/class, we will prepare activities and lessons within one of four broad categories, which include: Receptive, Re-creation, Joy and Expression , and Building resilience. These methods, combined with targeting individualized goals, will serve to connect participants with their own emotional bodies and raise compassion and connection with others.

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